Motherhood – warts and all

So motherhood – it’s a wonderful thing, filled with sleepless nights, bountiful amounts of love and haemorrhoids. Many things happen to us in motherhood – many we don’t even think about, many we don’t even know about until it happens. Well here’s a summary of some of the things that signify you are well and truly rocking motherhood. The first tell tale sign if you’ve had a vaginal birth is a battered swollen vag. That’s right ladies, no amount of lustful pounding is ever going to prepare you for what you will feel after a small human has exited...

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Welcome to the Anxiety Anonymous

Hi everyone, I’m Josie and according to many articles I have high functioning anxiety. Kinda feels a bit weird calling or referring to myself as high functioning, sounds like I should be a weird kind of superhero with magical mind reading powers or be super intelligent – however I am not. What I am though is someone who looks like I’ve got it together; I have my beautiful family, I have my job and my business, I have my home and I take pride in myself, physically (hence all the fitness updates) but also in a vain self indulgent capacity...

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Flabs to Abs – 4 months in, a journey to unearth the muscle.

OK so I thought I would write an update of where I am and what I have done to date, I am almost 4 months in and I have 4 months to get bikini ready as we are actually going on a holiday this year….to somewhere sunny….where small clothing will be required. Suffice to say I do not want to be covering my wibbly bits up and feeling like a beached whale amongst all the golden goddesses (Golden goddess or sweaty beach sloth). I have had the dreaded beach holiday angst before and I have heartedly attempted to transform...

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Let’s talk about….

*enters the room, “right guys, it’s World Health Day, let’s talk about… no no, not that! Let’s talk about Anxiety and Depression” *eyes roll, fidgeting and tapping occurs, mindless staring out of the window with the subliminal begging to not have to start the discussion and delve into the depths of a darkened soul. But you know what? more often than not, despite this slight uncomfortable notion that descends when these two words come crashing into conversation, many of us have been there. Maybe just for a moment, maybe for a few years or maybe cloaked with the burden...

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Welcome to Parenting 101

In the moments of reflection throughout parenting (not that there is much time for deep pondering thought) it occurred to me that parents-to-be aren’t really prepared for the impending parenthood, remembering to breathe during labour does not equip you for the sleepless nights, epic poonamis nor the never ending cycle of doom that is laundry. So here’s what I think should be experienced at NCT classes*: *this could be deemed as torturous to the childless adult, but be warned, this is real life. Non-Sleep Therapy OK, so this needs to be experienced over a few back to back sessions...

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About me

I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.