Do your boobs hang low….

Sorry but this parody always springs to mind when the discussing the delightful swing of the ol’ boobs and boy do they swing these days.

Since having had the two boys, expressing for twelve months and breastfeeding for fifteen months, they certainly aren’t as perky and full bodied as they once were. In fact I think back to those pre baby days and I don’t know why I didn’t embrace their loveliness when I had the chance, instead I will have to mourn them and live life with the lifeless wind socks that seem to have taken their place.

Anyway in my days of mourning and way past the comforts of soft and stretchy feeding bras I am now well and truly back into the land of underwired bras – the highlight of my day is climbing into my pajamas and ridding myself of the tortures of bra induced welts across my side and back, I’ve been in desperate need of something that fitted me without torturing me and looked good…and pretty. So when I was asked if I would come and look over the selection of beautiful brassieres in our local lingerie shop, I couldn’t wait to find a hidden gem that would transform these spaniel ears back to their former glory.

Now I had already been to Foundations in Nantwich after I had my youngest son as I knew they did feeding bras, and having endured a year in ill fitting Mothercare’s own (that was entirely my own fault) with my eldest I wanted something better, something more comfortable. However since that one shopping trip I allowed myself nearly two years ago Foundations has been taken over by two fabulous fellow mums who have brought it back into the modern era stocking beautiful bras in an array of shapes, styles and colours. Now the challenge would be to find something for me as I am on the other side of the normal range of bra sizes. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like in the underwear department if I had been more on the DD side of life rather than the F-G. Although A LOT has changed over the years in the potential range available, I still find its not an easy task to endure.

Upon visiting the shop I was greeted by one half of the managing duo Karen, and what a wonder she was. I pretty much tried on every bra in the whole shop and with each one that I tried, she checked, assessed, disappeared off and returned with something new to replace it, nothing phased her and neither did she laugh hysterically at some of the not so sexy sights. Now I have to say I have a style that I like and I know that works for me, however I was willing to embrace all that Foundations has to offer in style and cut and man what a laugh some of them were.



Now I know they look stunning on the beautiful women that model them but some of the bras I tried on were hilarious. I was looking for lift, a bit of structure….just some ooomph to breathe some life back into these sad boys but some of the styles looked like I had tennis balls dangling in a pair of socks….and sheer designs, sorry but that is a no no, like a face squashed against a glass pane, my nipples resembled a face squidged against pretty lace gurning as they stare at you in a very unsexy manner, not pleasant and not happening. I was all for trying something new, I don’t tend to deviate much from what I know so I wanted to be daring, push the boundaries, I was curious, lesson learnt just stick to what you know and follow the advice of the professionals. Fortunately for me Karen, knew her stuff and ruled out certain styles knowing fine well I would be entering a pit of self loathing if these bad boys continued to sway in the breeze all sullen and lifeless.

After literally trying on what felt like a million bras all because size doesn’t transcend across brands – seriously why can’t there be a standard size, how can I be a 34G in one and then a 32 F in another, I thought I would be making do with a sensible white one which would suffice. But Karen dragged me out (fully clothed of course) for one last look around to see if there was anything lurking that we hadn’t tried and we stumbled across this little number.  The Passionata by Chantelle – Brooklyn *disclaimer this is obviously not me in the image below so don’t all go thinking I’m some kind of underwear model ready to parade around my new find – never gonna happen!!

Image result for passionata

As soon as I tried it on, I felt like I had been transformed from a tired frumpy mum to something a little more exciting, now the cut is something I ummed and arrred over, as I knew it had the potential for fall out of the boobage kind, a good jiggle and they did need readjusting but nothing too obscene, just no jumping on the trampoline or going for a marathon run (ha yeah right). As much as I was settling for simple plain and white in colour, I felt the pop of purple was just what I needed in my life, it’s not practical under white but who needs practical when you have something as pretty as this and we are approaching woolly jumper season so who cares what colour your bra is. Its lace is soft and neither itchy or scratchy, neither of these are appealing nor sexy attributes to have, and its fairly comfortable to be honest. Having worn it on a number of occasions now I know it’s not always the most practical, e.g. when I am constantly bending down to pick up small children and tidy up after the tornado of their mess as I do need to readjust now and again but I am not dying to rip it off at the end of the day and if I was just wearing it out for a nice leisurely child free day (yes please) or for a night out with the girls I’m sure there would be less boobage readjusting going on, that’s still not stopping me from wearing it though as it truly is quite comfy – yet pretty #winwin

I have to say I had such a great experience at Foundations that when I do need another new bra – I’m sure I will get round to it in the next few years, I will easily be going there rather than deliberating over when I would next enter a M&S where I was childfree and able to try on every single bra possible and walk out with just the one boring plain white one. The girls do stock an array of brands ranging from reasonable priced to something I would consider a little on the dear side for something that is hidden away the majority of the time – mind you if it performed illusionary wonders and was neither torturous nor boring, I guess I’d be shelling out the big bucks and stocking up.

I am certainly looking forward to raiding through their collection again in the new year and seeing what new stock they have in store for the ol’ wind sock boobie variety. If you’re ever in Nantwich be sure to check them out….or even their new store in Congleton ‘The Cheshire Lady’.


**NB I was asked to come and visit the store and try one of their bras in exchange for my review, all comments are of my own opinion.

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