And the Winner is….

And the Winner is….

So last week I stumbled across a few tweets mentioning the MAD Blog Awards and finalist announcements.

I had put the idea out there a couple of months earlier to friends and readers and was pleasantly surprised as I started receiving tweets saying I had been nominated in a number of categories. I was pretty surprised when tweet after tweet came through congratulating me on being nominated. Having thought it would be a great thing to do on a whim I soon saw some of the fellow ‘competition’ also nominated e.g. The Unmumsy Mum, very quickly all thoughts of even getting past the nominating stages were dashed, not a chance would I ever get shortlisted. There were over 7,000 bloggers who were nominated last year and over 8,000 this year, to wade through the sea of amazing writers out there and be shortlisted was never going to happen – but to my utter shock and surprise as I checked the finalist list I saw my name – The Whimsical Adventures of a not so Supermum – under the category of ‘Best Baby’.

What the….are you shitting me????



I seriously had to re-read the name again and again just in case there was some other crazy blogger out there that had a stupidly long blog name (tip: choose short and snappy, easier and quicker to type). Each time I re-read the name the slight sickening feeling of a million butterflies crashing around in my tummy intensified, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to explode in excitement or vomit.

I had been shortlisted….ME?!?!



Even as I type this I still can’t believe I am a finalist, it’s quite a surreal feeling. You see I don’t see myself as popular (not trying to indicate that I’m some sort of sociopath as I’m not) but I’ve always seen myself as an ‘in the middle just your average Jo(sie)’, not high on everyone’s friends list but not a complete social recluse either and the same I thought about my blog, it’s not the funniest or the grittiest or the sweariest (is that a word). I can’t spin eloquent tales with words or stir up a following against whatever unjust there is in the world, it’s just me and my ramblings.

I don’t have a massive following compared to others on various social media either and I certainly don’t have any Twitter bff’s to tweet #kisses to at the moment – think this is more to do with my social ineptitude on how to use Twitter, I try to get it but it’s not quite flowing yet, Facebook – Yes, Instagram – Yes, Twitter – in working progress – I’m definitely a Twitter wall flower at the moment. I’m hoping once I actually meet some of the other wonderful finalists I won’t feel too shy twittering away to them and sharing in some of the banter, at the moment I feel like a fraud as I don’t know them. Sounds stupid I know, how can you know all your social media followers but I would like to think the ones I form a connection with over Twitter was to do with more than just because of a #tweet but because I got to know the person and vice versa.

So what’s next? well now it’s voting time – time to choose your favourite to win. It does mean I get to go to a fancy gala awards ceremony down in London, but will I be wearing my ‘Loser’ face as part of my attire? Who knows and you know what may the best blogger win, it’s incredibly humbling to have gotten this far, of course it would be great to win, who doesn’t want to win?

I will obviously campaign (beg) ‘vote for me’ but in the end those who want to vote will vote whether I beg them to or not – may my initial declarations be merely highlighting to those who don’t know, that I am indeed a finalist and should they care to vote that they know how to.

As I said may the best blogger win and good luck to all that are in the finals as we all deserve a pat on the back for getting this far.



If you would like to vote please click on the badge or head to: and select your favourite.

Oh god I can’t believe I have to wait until September to find out!



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