And the Award goes to…

So I have to give credit and massive thanks to dear ol’ hubby he has been my saving grace today. He has donned the cape and become Superdad.


In a bid to be carefree and non mumsy I had a night out with friends where I (we) drank more than we should’ve done, stayed out way past bedtime and ditched all parental responsibilities.


Whilst I was sipping cocktails, glugging prosecco and knocking back shots, my other half was attempting to comfort the littlest one who refused to stay in bed and snuggle with the eldest who needed a cuddle.

I had a pass for the night, I didn’t have to get up and tend to the cries of our youngest so I attempted to reclaim my former glory days of partying hard by mingling with the ‘young uns’ on the dance floor. Yep I manoeuvred my way through the mass of bodies to the stage and tried to bust my best moves, note to drunken self – a slut drop is not a good move!! Even more so when you realise that you might not actually get back up again and might need a hand, didn’t quite embarrass myself that much but my hungover self is slightly mortified that I thought it was a good idea to try and pull that one out of the bag. Fortunately I didn’t have too many opportunities to completely humiliate myself further as my staying power diminished rather rapidly – I love a good pair of heels but man my feet punish me for it. I was literally hobbling around desperately searching for anything to sit on to relieve my feet of such pain. It’s safe to say I continued to act with class and sophistication as I stumbled into a doorway and plonked myself on the floor whilst awaiting a portion of chips from my friend who’d I’d abandoned in the kebab shop because I needed air before the place went into a complete spin.

Upon returning home not once did I hear a complaint or grumble from dear hubby as I stumbled through the house at 2.30am leaving a trail of chips and clothes everywhere. Rather than look disapproving at me as I attempted to undress myself – which I must add was an accomplishment, getting out of a fitted playsuit, a pair of tights AND spanx with fake nails on aswell, how I didn’t bring the house down is beyond me, he continued to shush our youngest to sleep whilst I collapsed into bed.

As I lay passed out oblivious to the sounds of small children waking and coming into the bedroom in the morning, Superdad smuggled them off downstairs and kept them entertained before whisking them into town leaving me child free for a few more hours. I quickly descended into a pitiful state of a hungover stupor, having neither the energy nor the inclination to want to expel any energy.


So whilst I have lazing around feeling sorry for myself my man has cooked, entertained the boys, made me countless cups of tea, played and shopped. For that I am very thankful.

So Superdad enjoy your beers this evening, you’ve earnt them.



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