Just five more minutes…

I’m just going to sit here just for five more minute. I’m sat in the darkness of my youngest’s bedroom, listening to his gentle snores and the sweet lullaby off his dream sheep.

I’m just having five more minutes before heading downstairs and starting the clear up of this evenings mess.

Five more minutes to let the day wash over me, hubby and I are both playing “who’s day was worse”, so just another five more minutes will mean there’s no more competitiveness and our evening may be a little more peaceful than the day we’ve just had.

Just five more minutes so the tantrum going on in the next bedroom from our raging toddler can subside, five more minutes and daddy will have read his stories and said goodnight so I can slip out and into the bathroom without too much of a to do.

Just five more minutes before I have to start tidying the kitchen, I can’t be arsed doing the pots and stacking the dishes I’ve done my day, I’m knackered, I just want to collapse.

Just five more minutes so I can absorb the peace, take a deep breath and not reach for the chocolate straight away when I venture downstairs. (Doesn’t help I got some uber sparkly valentines chocolate eclairs downstairs courtesy of M&S)

Just five more minutes – I hear that dear hubby has gone downstairs….Maybe now is the time to nip to the loo and selfishly hope it will all be tidied away when I decide to venture out from my hideaway.

Just five more minutes that’s all I need, just to collect myself together, gather my thoughts and plan for the rest of the week ahead then I can curl up on the sofa and relax….and then the littlest one will wake….just five more minutes baby, five more minutes!!!


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