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It all started with a tweet. I was contacted by Emma from Baker Days and asked if I fancied sampling and reviewing one of their letterbox Valentines cakes.


I was intrigued, a cake….by post…why not, let’s give this a whirl.

Whilst perusing through their site ( I was surprised to see such a variety of design options, anything from cutesy to personalised with a printed photograph. Now I’m not a big cutesy smoochy teddy bear “I wuv you” fan so my choices were a little limited (although you can get a bespoke design created if you so desire), in the end I chose a design that linked with an interest my husband and I have – playing the odd game of scrabble (even if I always seem to lose).


I liked the design and the fact you could personalise some of the text on the cake, however it would’ve been nice to have had an option over some of the scrabble text rather than just stick with “Be Mine”, I mean my husband is already mine (mwahaha) so it seemed silly having a cake personalised towards him saying “be mine” – in this instance it didn’t matter too much as I chose the word “Forever” underneath but if this was something I was paying for (prices start from £14.99) and this was the only design I liked I would’ve liked the option of selecting a different scrabble title.

They have a variety of cake options to choose from, vanilla, chocolate, half and half, gluten free and dairy free, but I wonder if they are tempted by having a lemon flavour or something like that to offer – this would certainly compliment the icing (more to come on that in a moment).

After making my choices and sending over my request I eagerly awaited my lovely little letterbox cake.
I did have some reservations as to how they would be able to send the cake in the post without it arriving as a pile of smashed up crumbs – sometimes even a “fragile” “this way up” label still gets ignored from time to time, but my doubts were soon put to rest when this little parcel plopped through my letterbox.


Inside the lovely crisp white box lay a tin of cakey delight, as soon as you opened the box the whiff of cakey goodness fills your nose….mmm. Now I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the tin, in fact I love it and it’s a lovely little keepsake to have once all the cake has been munched.


The cake itself was beautifully intact, snuggled into its little tin ready to be unwrapped and tucked into, alongside the cake and it’s fabulous tin was a little card and some party supplies (balloons and a party whistle) – more suited to a birthday cake as opposed to a valentines so wasn’t quite in keeping with the theme but that’s not the focus of attention here.

After carefully removing the cake from the tin using the strategic little instruction slip,

(@bakerdays be aware spelling error on point 3 of instructions)

I cut myself a little slice and started gobbling through my first piece.


For the size and thickness of cake it was nice, it had a little bit of buttercream on the bottom and under the icing which gave it enough moisture and little hit of chocolate, the icing was….well icing and the sponge was chocolatey. It was nice. I can’t say I was bowled over by it as it’s not thick enough nor had enough buttercream to warrant it being a true slice of cake but for the style it was good.

I’m not a massive fan of icing, I’m more of a buttercream, ganache kind of girl so I did feel like I was left with the taste of icing after I’ll had finished as opposed to the taste of the cake, but that would be the same for any iced cake, (I tend to peel icing off anyway and leave it but I sampled it all in its full glory before doing my usual cake dissection.) This is where I feel another cake flavour such as lemon could benefit here for the none icing lovers, a nice fresh lemon flavoured cake balanced out with the sweetness of the icing would be a great combination and imagine the smell that would waft out of the box then. Delicious!

I think as an idea it’s great. The letterbox cake – there’s many reason for sending such a style of cake, instead of sending flowers by post, send a cake, someone’s had a baby, send a personalised cake, got a new job, passed an exam or test, send a cake. It’s great, I love the idea, and with the little extras (if in keeping with the theme) its a great surprise to have. And maybe we need to embrace sending things by post once again, everything is so social media/phone orientated these days, and the only things I receive in the post are boring leaflets and bills. Let’s get back to old school sending things in the post and bring a little magic back to the mail.

So this Valentines or birthday or whatever reason you have to want to send someone something have a look at Baker Days and send one of their letterbox cakes. Or if you want to be in with a chance of winning one for yourself come and check out my facebook page where I have my competition running up until the end of this month.

Competition is for UK applicants only, once the competition has ended a winner will be selected and their email address will be forwarded to Baker Days so the winning letterbox cake can be selected and sent out in time for Valentines Day. Good Luck.

**All opinions are my own, The Letterbox cake was supplied by Baker Days for reviewing purposes.

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  1. Bakerdays

    Hi thank you very much for your review. We do offer bespoke cake design to all of our customer . So if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website our designer will design one just for you. With regards to lemon flavour we used to do lemon cakes however they weren’t so popular. We do introduce new recipes often so we might look into bringing the lemon cakes back ?

    • thewhimsicaladventuresofanotsosupermum

      That’s brilliant to know thank you on the design front, (I will add that into the review).
      Shame about the lemon flavour not being so popular, maybe it will have a successful revival, I know I would choose it ?



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