T’was the night before New Years

T’was the night before New Years, the end of another year,

A house full of laughter and memories filled with cheer.

2015 a year of adventures and so much more,

Our family was completed with another one to make four.

Another prem baby who didn’t want to wait,

Born early February at ten to eight.


The battle with breastfeeding had very quickly begun,

A rabid boob shark nursing with the rise and fall of the sun.

Three months it took, to finally feel right,

Through growth spurts, sore nipples and all through the night.

Life soon became interesting with juggling two kids,

We struggled some days to not completely flip our lids.

The wanting, the needing, everything mummy NOW!

Running around manically on little sleep…how???

Coordinated naptime used to make me feel smug,

Now you’ll find me passed out exhausted on the living room rug.

Battling every mealtime, bath and bedtime too,

Sometimes seemed a doddle compared to a synchronised poo.

The months quickly passed and personalities began to appear,

Yet the littlest is still only happy when mummy is near.


Some days are just so magical, wonderful and great,

Others are mind numbing and for bedtime I can’t wait.

Sometimes I’m bowled over by the TV’s hypnotic power,

Others I’m bored senseless hour after hour,

From Frozen to Lion King to Beauty and the Beast,

To Ratatouille, now Stickman what a viewing treat.


Auto parent you’ve helped us, you’ve helped us our friend,

But hours of Peppa?!?! Is there really no end?


To play dates at home and baking many a cake,

To classes we went and friends we did make.

Sharing stories of anguish and havoc the kids made,

Kept me feeling normal as my sanity was saved.

You see having kids can be mental and can send you quite mad,

But amongst the crazy there’s great fun to be had.

Yes I’ve had moments where I’ve shouted and cried,

I’ve said I don’t like them but believe me I lied.

Amongst the neediness and tantrums – that’s just the start,

I love these monsters deeply with all of my heart.

With every poonami that leaked from a nappy,

Came giggles and smiles from a baby who was happy.


With every tantrum, screaming and shouting NO!

Came a toddling tornado with love he has to show.

So 2015 what a fun filled year we’ve had,

But another year is upon, time flies – it’s mad!


As the bottles of champers line up out the door,

There’s just enough time to crack open one more.

Let’s raise a glass and toast to what we have done,

We’ve survived some hard times but overall we’ve had fun.

Here’s to another year, I wonder what’s in store?

Our crawler will be walking and so very much more.

Here’s to more sleepless nights, tantrums, tears and teeth,

I seriously cannot wait for some magical relief.

And although I love you both and that love runs deep,

I have just one New Years wish and that is for some sleep.

No matter how hard some days may be,

Our life with us four is so much better than three.

So happy New Year one and all, cheers and chink chink

Fill up my glass ‘cos after this year, man I need a drink!!




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  1. ethannevelyn.com

    haha! Such a great tribute post for 2015 and it is so very true in all pointers! I love seeing how your little one grows throughout the year. The collection photos are so very cute of him growing through the milestones. Well done for not giving up on breastfeeding too! Looks like everyone had a great time at Christmas. Thank you for linking up. xx


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