Ho ho ho Merry Christmas

Here we are, the night before Christmas. The presents are wrapped and organised into piles (I have defied the husband and spoilt the boys…ooops – not sorry)


The boys are tucked up in bed – youngest double dosed on Calprofen and Calpol (top teeth breaking we are not just drugging our children to sleep) and I’m nibbling through the festive nibbles and drinking mulled wine.

I may be a big kid but I am so excited about Christmas morning, I’ve been planning this year’s Christmas as soon as Halloween was out of the way, not planning as in everything must go according to a meticulous schedule on the day (I’m still debating whether I get dressed or not before the start of Christmas present opening). But planning in terms of weekend trips to some sort of festive themed outing, the presents were online ordered and delivered throughout November and the menu has been deliberated over as soon as Marks and Spencer’s handed out their Christmas brochure.

We’ve enjoyed creating our Christmas eve plate at a “Little Potters” gathering where the host intoxicated her guests with the most delicious of crock pot hot chocolates….delicious!!! Our little creation is sitting proud under the tree with a carrot for the reindeer and a mince pie for Father Christmas (the rum has already been drunk!)


We’ve also indulged in a few visits to Father Christmas in various festive settings, the boys were “thrilled” to see him as you can tell.



Along with seeking Father Christmas and introducing his powers to the eldest one we have enjoyed the twinkly delights of Chester Zoo on the Latern walk…don’t be under any illusion that this was a completely magical experience,  the toddler was a shit having not had a nap and whined most of the way round wailing for a “zebra…zzzzebra!!” Even when we found a bloody zebra he continued to wail “another one….another zebra” FFS!! But it was still pretty.


We picked our tree and decorated it lovingly, placing each ornament in its rightful place, only for the tree wrecker to wreck havoc on it on a daily basis.


I’m under no illusion that the boys won’t be overwhelmed by the heaps of wrapped goodies ready to be unveiled and will need a nap to recooperate after having the odd tantrum here and there (yay child free drinking time) and will have indulged in too much Chocolate to want to sit and eat the delicious roast turkey crown I have purchased but I don’t care, I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow morning and seeing the boys faces and no doubt I will be snapping away like a lunatic possessed desperate to capture every smile but I don’t care for tomorrow is Christmas Day and now I have children I have the perfect excuse to go mad.

So may all your houses be quiet with the sounds of snoring children and may your bellies be full from eating too much food. Merry Christmas to you all and hope you all have a wonderful day.



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