Today I was given a superpower.

So today I was given the power of HD hearing, that’s right world I can hear you loud and clear. For the first time in over 20 years I gave in and decided to get something done about my hearing. I have been suffering for years with hearing loss, stemmed from years of ear infections mainly when I was younger. I was in and out of hospital having gromits put in but no avail, so I learnt to adapt. I got used to not being able to hear properly, used not to being fully involved in a group conversation with the hope I would pick up the jist of it at some point, used to reading lips just to help me get along but pregnancy took its toll further and I needed help.

Following a consultation it was found that my poor little eardrums were a battlefield of scar tissue adhering the drum to the ear canal thereby preventing clear vibration of sound waves. Furthermore the bones in my left ear had started to erode away, the terrible sinusitis that I had suffered in both pregnancies had added to the mess that was going on inside. So I was to start to the journey into trying to recover my hearing as much as possible and this is where I am today….the big switch on.

I was doubtful that hearing aids were going to do much use, and anyway would it really make that much of a difference? I had adapted fine and coped well enough, ok so I was starting to sound like an old codger constantly shouting “ya what???” at the other half when he was talking to me (romantic I know) but I was plodding along. But today I felt what it was like to actually hear, to be bombarded with the sounds of life and realise that my hearing was worse than I thought. I may have thought I had coped fine but seriously as soon as the hearing aids were switched on it was like I had supermans gift of super hearing, I heard my hair brushing against my jacket, the crunch of a crisp being consumed by my eldest, the whispers across the corridor. I honestly feel superhuman.

In my new found superhero state I have also realised the world is a very noisy place and my poor brain is going to have to spend the next few days/weeks adjusting and filtering out the unwanted noises around me, like the hum of the fridge or the sound of traffic in the distance or the tweeting of birds at the opposite end of town. As amazing as it is to hear, I have already reached for the volume control to tone down the world just a little bit, it’s a bit like Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty when he suddenly begins to hear all the people praying…I’m not hearing voices if that’s what your worried about…but it’s that sudden rush of noise abusing my poor ears and brain.

So my newfound ability will sure to serve me well, I hope to no longer be the one smiling absent mindedly whilst people converse and hope someone nearby will fill me in on what’s going, it will also mean I will be able to hear my children when they call/cry/generally make noise, although I am sure I will be removing them every now and again when they get too whiney, amplified sound is great, amplified whining is not!!

So although I don’t have the power to stop time, be in two places at once, split myself in two, read minds I do finally have the power to hear. And am I bothered about wearing hearing aids? Not really, it doesn’t mean anything apart from that I need help hearing, although it is another thing to look after, take off at night and remember to put in in the morning….as if I don’t already have enough to do.

The time has come however to return to my ever so quiet world as I tuck my aids into their little bed and I listen to the sound of silence. But tomorrow is a whole new day of discovery. I wonder what I will hear tomorrow??

With great power comes great responsibility.

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