Christmas is coming…woooooo

Aaah I’m getting excited, I’m starting to get into the festive spirit, the presents for the boys have been bought, the festive menu has been planned and I’m itching to get us all into our Christmas jumpers.

I’ve always been one to get all excited about birthdays and Christmas, unfortunately I have been disappointed in the past when things haven’t quite lived up to my magical expectation but now I have both boys I’m hoping in the years to come my excitement will match theirs and the household will just EXPLODE with festive excitement.

In preparation for forthcoming festivities I have scoured the Christmas activities and planned every weekend running up to the big day with something Christmassy, there’s lantern walks, musical reindeer shows, storytimes with Santa, snowdome’s,  Christmas parties and anything else I can squeeze in. This week has even had its festive activity where a group of local mum’s got together and decorated festive plates ready to be placed by the fire for the big man himself on Christmas eve. It was too early in the day to be mulling over mugs of (mulled) wine but we were treated to the sumptuously velvety delights of crock pot hot chocolate.!!! Hot chocolate heaven. A woman after my own heart ?

So now my calendar is almost full and gifts are nearly bought it’s time to decide what “theme” to go for this year. I like to have a coordinated “look” with the tree (oh god I need to schedule getting the real tree) and the gift wrapping. Don’t think for a moment I have any kind of magazine style decor going on, my house won’t be dripping in garlands or homemade wreaths (not this year anyway) but I do like to have a colour scheme going on….I need to scour the stores for some wrapping paper ideas before I decide which decorations go up on the tree.

I think with all this excitement I need to remember that although I may be getting all carried away and starting to prance around with festive cheer not everyone is going to share my enthusiasm, and not every one will think about Christmas in the same way. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful but I like to choose gifts for a reason or that have a purpose (and make sure they are wrapped all pretty with ribbons and bows), I’m not a massive fan of buying gifts for gifts sake….in fact I really don’t like receiving crap for the sake of having something giftwrapped….and my face says it all….


I would much rather have a small gift that has a reason behind it (it doesmt have to be a deep meaningful reason) as opposed to lots of stuff for stuff’s sake. My mum is a prime example of this. I understand her thought process in that she’s trying to create this magical mountain of presents to be opened on Christmas day, but receiving giftwrapped bags of pasta and marshmallows, tubs of normal hot chocolate and spaghetti spoons just doesn’t really fill me festive cheer ( I sound really ungrateful don’t I?). Think I need to work on my #giftface

Anyway I’m digressing, back to all things jolly and bright. I’m eagerly awaiting for the start of December when I can legitimately put up the decorations and we can sit down and watch The Holiday and Love Actually all snuggled up by the fire or sat wrapping presents with a glass of mulled wine.

What’s more exciting about Christmas are the traditions we will make with the boys, the things we “must” do, the little things that make our Christmas ours. No doubt I will be receiving some random gifts that I have no intention  of ever using and may actually rewrap and give back the following year but it’s not about me and what I want (sssh don’t say that to hubby, he can still get me nice pressies) it’s about the boys and seeing their excitement and sharing their happiness and making things special for them. Christmas is about family and this year we have our complete family, all four of us…and the dogs…and the cat.

I literally cannot wait!!





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  1. Harps

    Ahh I’m super excited too! Except I still have so much to do! 🙁 I agree with the gifts for stuff’s sake – I’m been super conscious about this especially this year! Thanks for linking up to #BabyBrainMonday x

    • thewhimsicaladventuresofanotsosupermum

      Not to sound mean but I would much rather be spending my pennies on the boys rather than feeling like I “have” to buy something/anything for other people. If it’s something someone wants then great, if I don’t get any hints or requests I try to think of something sentimental or is meaningful – but it will be small, grand gestures are now reserved for OH and the littles 🙂 x x x


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