Sometimes I am one of “those” mums

After reading a funny post from “Just a Normal Mummy” (will learn how to hyperlink soon I promise) I have realised that sometimes I am one of “those” mum’s who can be described as a dick.

I proclaim loud and proud on my achievements with the littles with instagrammed photos of us all smiling


and baking…


….and generally just being all cute and happy (Aaw look at them playing with their makeup).


And I admit it I am “that” vain that I will not leave the house until I have some form of make up on my face, god help anyone who sees me au naturale (not a pretty sight).

I mean come on check out those lashes, it would be wrong to not have them all dressed up even if I have only had 3 hours sleep!! (courtesy of Younique 3D lashes…I’m not selling just bragging)…


And I’m also one of those mum’s sharing my achievements as I conquer one challenge after another in the running world as I attempt to shed the baby weight and get back into my prebaby clothes….yeah I’m back in them (with a little help from my friend monsieur spanx).


But I’m still one of those mum’s who has days where I literally tell the baby to “piss off” as he squawks and screams as soon as I am just out of his sight, “I just want a bloody wee!!”.

I sometimes get through the day only eating the soggy left over shreddies, half chewed crisps and cold hidden veg shepherds pie kindly deposited around the highchair.

And there are days when I look at the clock and could swear time is going backwards and every attempt at trying to keep some form of control over the mess that is multiplying around the house is futile as it just keeps getting bigger and messier.


So apologies for the moments when I’m being a dick but when it’s good I’m gonna shout about it and when’s it bad….I’m still gonna shout about it.

So here’s to my kids enjoying their multi fruit and veg smoothies…


Enjoying their painting….


And to me being a super baby wearing mama…


But just to reassure you all that shit does get real in this house and it’s not all smiles…20150812_180036

here’s hubby experiencing our youngest doing his best at poo shooting…


…that’s definitely a record 😉


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