Manning the fort, the last hurdle.

Single parents, parents with partners who work away I salute you. I am coming to the end of my week alone with the boys and I am goosed.

I have rollercoastered through every emotion in five minute intervals. I have marvelled at how wonderful my boys are one second and then wanted to put my head through a wall at how frustrating they can be the next….and they can be damn annoying, I’m admitting my kids sometimes piss me off!!.

It’s been a week of baking and making meals together with my eldest, watching both boys play together and my youngest laugh proper belly chuckles at his brother, we’ve napped, we’ve cuddled, we’ve sung “let it go” at the top of our lungs and we’ve giggled.

The only way to contain an overtired toddler and get home in one piece.

We’ve also shouted, cried (them), slammed doors (me not them) had tantrums (all of us) and felt so shattered that it all just becomes a bit too much (definitely them….what is this overtired nonsense?!?!)

I have watched as my wonderful first born transitions from a sweet, kind little boy who says “please and thank you mummy” when he asks for things to a little satanic devil child who runs away squealing with glee when he knows he’s doing something wrong. This is what happens when tired becomes “overtired”. I had it the other day when my mum came to visit, despite me saying he was tired and needed a nap we still ended up attempting to make the slow walk into town, have a coffee and some cake and then get back home before all hell broke loose. Well hell broke loose…in the form of a tantruming toddler who yoyo’d from erupting into full on tears to laughing manically whilst jumping on the bed, all the while I was trying to get my youngest who was also overtired off to sleep before he became a thrashing wild beast that can only be contained if he is pinned down in a semi wrestling manoeuvre.

Having finally gotten them both to sleep and tackled the mess that was my house downstairs I promptly forgot to eat, have a drink and go for a wee before being summoned and attempt to soothe my youngest who was jerking and flailing around waking himself up (he was due for a big poo – it just seems to be what he does when he’s gearing up to let it rip).

Although the vast majority of the week has been pleasant and actually quite enjoyable I am certainly looking forward to having another pair of hands to help around the house. Although I’m not sure whether there may be pandemonium on our hands when hubby tries to enforce his bedtime routine when my eldest has enjoyed mummy’s routine…ooops.

So all you parents out there who do this all the time you have my respect, high five to you guys and here’s a toast to you all with a glass bottle of wine, you rock!


Can I really be arsed to get out of bed to go and tidy and make myself some tea???? Where’s room service when you need it?!?!?


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