Going solo and manning the fort on my own.

Don’t worry my world has not suddenly flipped upside down, dear hubby is away this week so it’s just me and the boys. It’s not really that big a deal it’s just a long week with no one to snuggle up to at the end of the day…well that’s not true I have two little people to snuggle up to and I think they know daddy is away because they are taking full advantage of mummy snuggles, not that I’m complaining.

So how has it gone so far…absolutely fine, there has been some lovely moments throughout the day that has made me proud to be a mum and so proud of the boys that we are raising.

Having these wonderful moments today and over the past few weeks are really needed right now. I’ve been really struggling with my hearing over the past few months, I’ve always had problems with my hearing after years of ear infections when I was younger but the past couple of years, being pregnant etc has really affected my ears. So much so that upon a recent check up I’m now having to go through the process of trying various things to try and improve my hearing. In the next month I will be fitted with hearing aids, now I know there is nothing wrong with having hearing aids at all but these past few weeks have been so hard, this has just made me feel like this is actually a serious thing I need to sort.

I’ve been a little cut off from the world recently, I’ve avoided being in busy, noisy places because I really struggle and it wipes me out focusing so hard on trying to hear what’s going on. This has meant I have spent a lot of time at home with just me and the boys and it’s been quality time with the boys. My youngest is having long morning naps at the moment so this has given me the opportunity to spend some much needed and wanted one on one time with my eldest and our relationship has gotten even closer and I’m loving it.


We’ve spent a lot of time of our time together baking, I’ve always known my eldest to be very independent and wanting to be involved in everything, learning by doing it himself, not wanting to be pandered to so it’s been great spending the time teaching him how to weigh out ingredients, how to stir, fold and mix and most of all teaching him the best part of baking…


…licking the spoon, it’s like baking law.

It’s great having these moments with him as he remembers what we do and talks about it later on when we are cuddled up, I say he talks about it, he strings together key words with ‘and then’ connecting them together,

“Mummy cake and then flour and then stir and then eggs and then whisk and then chocolate and then stir and then hot and then wait and then eat”

Pretty cute really.


Spending so much time at home has also meant that the boys have been interacting and playing with each other, seeing their relationship grow is such a beautiful thing, ok so my eldest might take it a little too far sometimes and ride on his brothers back whilst singing “horsey horsey” but when they are both giggling together it’s just the sweetest thing.


So am I worried about a week alone with the boys? As long as nothing too crazy happens I think it will be pretty cool just chilling with the lads.

If today’s antics of:

Pancakes for breakfast


Painting in the morning,


Making and eating stir fry for lunch,



Then play dating with friends (who have horses in the field!!!) Are anything to go by, this week should be a fun filled week with lots of adventures to tell daddy.

I’d best get as much sleep in as I can if we are going to be having all this fun.

It won’t be long before they both twig that daddy is away therefore mummy must need company in bed…then it won’t be that much fun when I’m contorting myself around two strewn out bodies in bed!!


Night all (I’m sure I’ll be documenting the chaos and begging for my sanity back before too long, it can’t be Disney like all the time….somethings brewing I’m sure :-/)


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