Dear Santa

I know it’s not even the end of September yet but I thought I would get this in early, he’s a busy man.

Dear Santa,

I know it’s early to write, but you see I have a little problem….

It’s the birthday fairy you see, she didn’t like me this year,

I don’t know what I’ve done, but it made me shed a tear,

I woke all excited to see what had come my way,

But she didn’t seem to want to celebrate my day.

I thought I’d been good, looking after my boys,

Cooking, cleaning and putting away all their toys,

I’ve kissed them, cuddled them, and tucked them in at night,

I’ve tried to make each day fun, sparkly and bright.

But it seems like I’ve not done enough this year,

Because there were no presents awaiting for me here.

I didn’t want much, just something to make me smile,

It would be nice to have a treat just once in a while.

So if I’ve been good could I please ask this?

Sensible presents let’s give them a miss.

What I would like is something that’s just for me,

A couple of presents or maybe even three

A new bag, all shiny and impractical too,

New boots for winter or some sparkly shoes,

Perfume, earrings or a trip to a spa,

An evening out, it doesn’t need to be far.

I love being a mummy but I miss being me,

Time is so precious I don’t know when it will be,

When I can buy myself something pretty and expensive too,

No point these days as they get covered in snot and poo,

But I would like to feel special just now and again,

So when you get a chance I don’t know when,

Can you let me know if I’ve been good or bad,

I want Christmas to be happy not teary and sad.

And if you see the birthday fairy tell her this,

It’s not nice to feel like you’ve been missed.

But I will try a little harder, to be better, to be good.

And maybe by my next birthday it will be as it should.

Thanks….oh and I will send the boys letters soon, I think you’ll agree they’ve been very good boys this year 🙂

Lots of love



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