Picture perfect moments descending into chaos

Yep that pretty much sums up the hours around lunchtime. It all started so well, as soon as we had returned home from our weekly Boogie Baby session (non parents you have all this to come), G – my eldest, informed me that he wanted to play in garden or more specifically the “pahing pool”. There was my cue to fill the paddling pool. The sun was shining, baby M was playing on his playmat on the grass and squealing with delight. G clapped when I started to fill the pool. All was good.

For nearly an hour we had a wonderful time, G ran around the garden butt naked enjoying the freedom, M sat propped up under the makeshift tent playing, cooing and giggling and I sat and ate some lunch….perfect….my heart swelled with pride at my beautiful boys, little did I know that it would soon descend into madness.

As soon as the selfie had been snapped and posted to hubby with the tag line “fun in the sun with our beautiful boys” things suddenly flipped. M started to cry as he was desperately hungry…no worries I shall feed him I thought as I still glowed in my smugness. As soon as I got a boob into his mouth I looked round to see G sat on the blanket, all calm, sweet and quiet…and then saw the bottle of  suncream being emptied onto his legs. He was now bathing in a puddle of factor 50. At this point I chose not to lose it as there was far from anything I could do and suddenly going volcanic on him was going to get us nowhere. So I embraced the moment and let him cover himself from head to toe (literally) in a white blanket of SPF as I continued to feed M.

I have no idea what was in the suncream but the mass absorption of the stuff sudden turned my placid albeit cheeky boy into a crazed wildling. He went beserk,  rolling around everywhere, jumping on my back, sticking mini cheddars onto his belly, pulling my hair….everything other than jumping into the paddling pool where he could at least wash most of it off.

In a futile attempt to rectify the situation I put my stern voice on and commanded G to me…the little git just smiled and ran off. What started with a beautiful, calm and lovely moment ended with me running after a screeching toddler covered in suncream around the garden whilst M entered into a monstrous meltdown. This should’ve been the selfie I sent to my husband….it might have earnt me some child free time in sympathy.

After wrangling both children inside and frog marching G upto his room for a well deserved nap, I finally got some peace to try and attempt to tidy up the path of destruction left by a toddling tornado….seriously if I had left the mess OH would’ve thought there had been a mugging and kidnapping. I managed 10 minutes of chaos control before being summoned by the squawk of baby M demanding more boob. It was time to just give in, settle into the chair and catch a quick nap myself before it all starts again.

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