Just another summers day

So today has been one of those days where it doesn’t rain it literally pours, OK so it didn’t start off so bad it’s just ended in disaster and to be honest I just want to hide under the duvet and imagine it never happened.

I think it all started from the moment where I was feeling smug about how well I was handling the day with the two boys on my own.  Dear hubby has to work away fairly regularly which leaves me manning the fort with both boys on my own. Normally there is a little bit of chaos involved but today has raised the bar.

I successfully collected my eldest from nursey without the youngest having a complete meltdown in the car seat (he is one of those babies who is not lulled into a comforting slumber by the car…nope he goes MENTAL!) anyway, so we all returned home with smiles on our faces, healthy snacks were prepared before I’d left the house and tea was already planned (thank goodness for M&S). My eldest politely informed me when he needed a nap and actually went down with little fuss and he enjoyed a lovely two hour snooze. Now I was prepared for my youngest to not coordinate his napping with his brother as he seems to have developed a habit of this as of late, so I accepted that I would not be catching a quick cat nap either but it didn’t matter as my plan was to go to bed early anyway. All in all the start of a successful afternoon.

It was all going so well…too well in fact, eldest woke from his nap just as his brother went down for his. I was blessed with lots of lovely cuddles before momentarily occupying my eldest with a few episodes of his must have ‘Shaun the sheep’ whilst I put the tea on, tidied up and fed the animals. This is where the smugness crept in, everything was just so calm and organised and then it started…

It began with the discovery of my eldest trying to ram a dummy into his brothers mouth whilst he slept….I managed to whip him away just in time (phew he was still asleep). Then I discovered my eldest had leaked from his nappy, it was too close to bathtime to waste another nappy so I gambled and let him go nappy free….cue wee number 1, I watched as he paddled in it as if it was a puddle, then lean down and wipe it everywhere. In the sink he went whilst I bleached the floor.

Tea was fortunately a calm affair, a moment to let me breathe, eat (amazing huh!) and gather strength ready for the bath/bedtime routine dealing with both boys simultaneously…I started the gathering of pj’s and tatta – aka blanket and then I heard the sound of a running tap, funny, I was positive I had turned the tap off. Strolling leisurely into the kitchen whilst questioning my own sanity, I soon came face to face to the beginnings of a waterfall pouring out of one of the kitchen light fittings “shit!!!”

I ran upstairs to find that the toilet had sprung a leak and water was soaking through the floorboards and running down into the kitchen below. Mass panic had begun, I started throwing any towel I had in sight to soak up the water, find any form of container to catch the water dribbling all over the floor downstairs, ring the plumber who at that moment wasn’t answering his phone all the while the eldest had finished his tea and thought he had been abandoned and the youngest had decided now was the right moment to wake up and want feeding.

The urge to find a dark corner and cry quickly came over me but alas I could not give in. So my frantic bath/bedtime routine became even more frantic as I tried to empty the toilet,  bathe two children and take up the flooring in the toilet room to start mopping up the mess underneath.

It was the most mental two hours of my day, however the eldest went to bed without too much objection – but didn’t want to give me a kiss goodnight (heart breaks) and the youngest is feeding away and I can see his eyes rolling back in his head. Hopefully he will also be in bed soon and project clean up can begin.

Not quite the evening I had in mind….think it can only be rewarded with a substantial amount of chocolate!!!

Just your average summers day….wait is that another puddle????


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