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Motherhood – warts and all

So motherhood – it’s a wonderful thing, filled with sleepless nights, bountiful amounts of love and haemorrhoids. Many things happen to us in motherhood – many we don’t even think about, many we don’t even know about until it happens. Well here’s a summary of some of the things that signify you are well and truly rocking motherhood. The first tell tale sign if you’ve had a vaginal birth is a battered swollen vag. That’s right ladies, no amount of lustful pounding is ever going to prepare you for what you will feel after a small human has exited...

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Welcome to the Anxiety Anonymous

Hi everyone, I’m Josie and according to many articles I have high functioning anxiety. Kinda feels a bit weird calling or referring to myself as high functioning, sounds like I should be a weird kind of superhero with magical mind reading powers or be super intelligent – however I am not. What I am though is someone who looks like I’ve got it together; I have my beautiful family, I have my job and my business, I have my home and I take pride in myself, physically (hence all the fitness updates) but also in a vain self indulgent capacity...

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About me

I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.