Author: Josie Selby

STOP! Take a moment.

STOP! Take a moment, what do you hear? The sound of little footsteps running around manically, the sounds of destruction as every toy is pulled from its box, the sounds of little voices around your ankles “mummy come and play”, “daddy help me” or the whines of despair as your child desperately wants you to stop what you are doing to pick them up, hold them, play with them, sit with them.

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Pudding & Chops: Where are we now?

Wow what a busy and exciting few couple of months it has been for Pudding and Chops. Having launched at the beginning of April, Laura and I have been on a mass learning experience as we have set up and promoted our lovely little business. We have spent hours negotiating, designing, setting up, wrapping, posting, cutting and photographing our cards, setting up shops and building websites. We have come such a long way since we pressed ‘post’ on our Facebook page just over three months ago. So where are we now? Well after our initial orders came flying through our...

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To my knights in shining armour

To my boys, my little knights in shining armour, I write this to you as I want to thank you, I can thank you for so many things but ultimately and most importantly I want to thank you for rescuing me. You see I have found these past couple of months hard, returning to work has been really tough, I have questioned what I am doing and why I am doing it on many occasion for I am exhausted. Exhausted from the long days, the working evenings, the ever growing piles of marking, exhausted from the feeling of despair after yet another paycheck comes in and it is almost instantaneously gone as I pay for your nursery fees. I feel like I am maxed out. I have found it hard to leave you both having spent the last year or more together. We have waded through the tough times, the tears and the tantrums and I have wondered on many occasion as to whether life would ever become normal again yet over the months we have found our rhythm, we have found our happiness and now I am no longer there. I have found the evenings when I don’t see you as you’re already tucked up in bed difficult, having always been there to make you your tea, tuck you in bed and kiss you good night, suddenly not...

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What is the world coming to?

As I sit here and listen to the boring humdrum of the football on in the background I feel like I am losing another moment of my life that I will never get back, don’t worry this is not going to be a full on hating football related rant, I don’t hate the sport, I just don’t like it – but I am going to mention it seeing as the recent news coverage includes alot of the ridiculous mob like mentality that is following the Euro cup games. I am also going to mention a few other recent events that have really got my back up recently – things that makes me wonder “what is the world coming to?” I know that all that is being covered or shared recently is nothing new, but when these sorts of stories surface I can’t help but wonder about the human race and why the hell we are the only species that acts so shamefully – obviously we are a predominant one so no other can actually compare but for a “superior” species, we are pretty mindless and can be pretty disgustingly horrible. So number 1: The Riots in France over the Euro games. WTAF! I mean it’s a game, a game between overpaid millionaires kicking around a bag of air whilst massaging their egos over who is the best, nothing that...

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Like a hippo in a swimming costume.

Today I enjoyed the delights of a day, a whole 5.5 hours of shopping on MY OWN. No children to bother me, clambering round my ankles, smearing snot on pristine new clothes that hang beautifully on their hangers awaiting an eager buyer. I was alone and I couldn’t wait to go and burn a hole in my pocket and max out the credit card. It was definitely an overdue trip seeing as this is the first time I’ve been able to indulge in a such a luxury for over 3 years. As I dropped the boys off at nursery and hit the motorway in search of the wonder that is the Trafford Centre I started to fill with a little bit of anxiety – I know I am far from body perfect, I have come to accept that, and I know fitting rooms and their evil mirrors do little for those who have waivering confidence issues (including yours truly – they really need to invent a  mirror that makes you look slimmer) anyway I’m digressing. So I was starting to feel a little apprehensive about having to squeeze the various lumps and bumps and rolls into new clothes in an attempt to find outfits ideas for upcoming hen do’s and wedding’s, I also needed to replenish some of my jeans seeing as I’ve managed to chub rub my way...

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About me

I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.