Author: Josie Selby

Keeping up with the Christmas Jones’

It’s that magical time of year, where the crisp frosty mornings spark hopes of snow. Trees are starting to pop up in windows dazzling onlookers with the sparkle, twinkle and (themed) decs. Doors of advent calendars are being eagerly ripped open and squeals of countdowns to the big day are ever increasing, the Argos/Smyth’s/Toy ‘R’ us catalogues are being earmarked with festive wishes and added to the long list to Santa. Booze is being bought in by the vat load ready for the first mornings tipple of bucks fizz/Prosecco, wine is being mulled, hot chocolates are being ‘spiced’ and...

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Do your boobs hang low….

Sorry but this parody always springs to mind when the discussing the delightful swing of the ol’ boobs and boy do they swing these days. Since having had the two boys, expressing for twelve months and breastfeeding for fifteen months, they certainly aren’t as perky and full bodied as they once were. In fact I think back to those pre baby days and I don’t know why I didn’t embrace their loveliness when I had the chance, instead I will have to mourn them and live life with the lifeless wind socks that seem to have taken their place. Anyway in my days of mourning and way past the comforts of soft and stretchy feeding bras I am now well and truly back into the land of underwired bras – the highlight of my day is climbing into my pajamas and ridding myself of the tortures of bra induced welts across my side and back, I’ve been in desperate need of something that fitted me without torturing me and looked good…and pretty. So when I was asked if I would come and look over the selection of beautiful brassieres in our local lingerie shop, I couldn’t wait to find a hidden gem that would transform these spaniel ears back to their former glory. Now I had already been to Foundations in Nantwich after I had my youngest son as...

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One day we will be normal parents.

That joyous moment when your tiny baby is handed to you, all slimy and squidgy, fresh from the womb mewing its first cries, such a momentous occasion filled with overwhelming happiness and love, the start of parenthood, the start of many memories together as a family. But then there are those who don’t get this fairytale start, those who’s babies are born, whipped away and hours tick by before you are given any news, hours before you can glance upon your child and feel a tsunami of emotions all rising from the pit of dread in your stomach, hours,...

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Being a parent is….

I can waffle on about how wonderful it is to be a parent, because essentially at the end of it all it can be wonderful, but for every amazing moment there must be a thousand shitty moments. For every instagrammed perfect picture is chaos tornadoing in the background. So here is a little compilation of what life as a parent can entail. Being a parent is: (Warning a lot of it is sleep related) Enduring months, years of sleep deprivation, being so insanely tired that you feel hungover and will hallucinate through blood shot eyes, yet you still have...

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Out of the darkness comes strength and courage.

Facebook has a wonderful way of stirring up memories from times past by reminding you of pictures and statuses you posted years ago, some make you cringe, some make you laugh and some remind you of a time you didn’t think you would escape from. My ‘memories’ from this time of year are always focused around my eldest son and his journey through NICU as a 29 weeker – the milestones he reached, the weight he put on and eventually the time he came home. I remember that part of my life like it was yesterday, the beeps and...

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About me

I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.