Author: Josie Selby

Flabs to Abs – 4 months in, a journey to unearth the muscle.

OK so I thought I would write an update of where I am and what I have done to date, I am almost 4 months in and I have 4 months to get bikini ready as we are actually going on a holiday this year….to somewhere sunny….where small clothing will be required. Suffice to say I do not want to be covering my wibbly bits up and feeling like a beached whale amongst all the golden goddesses (Golden goddess or sweaty beach sloth). I have had the dreaded beach holiday angst before and I have heartedly attempted to transform...

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Let’s talk about….

*enters the room, “right guys, it’s World Health Day, let’s talk about… no no, not that! Let’s talk about Anxiety and Depression” *eyes roll, fidgeting and tapping occurs, mindless staring out of the window with the subliminal begging to not have to start the discussion and delve into the depths of a darkened soul. But you know what? more often than not, despite this slight uncomfortable notion that descends when these two words come crashing into conversation, many of us have been there. Maybe just for a moment, maybe for a few years or maybe cloaked with the burden...

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Welcome to Parenting 101

In the moments of reflection throughout parenting (not that there is much time for deep pondering thought) it occurred to me that parents-to-be aren’t really prepared for the impending parenthood, remembering to breathe during labour does not equip you for the sleepless nights, epic poonamis nor the never ending cycle of doom that is laundry. So here’s what I think should be experienced at NCT classes*: *this could be deemed as torturous to the childless adult, but be warned, this is real life. Non-Sleep Therapy OK, so this needs to be experienced over a few back to back sessions...

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2016: A year to celebrate, a New Year to embrace.

Wow, we are almost at the end of another year but my goodness what a year it has been. It has been mental, busy beyond belief, full of tears and tantrums (from me and the toddlers), it’s been months of piling on the pounds, attempting to reclaim ones ‘yoof’ by being all silver haired and contoured, late nights out dancing like a tit and more hangovers than I thought I would suffer in one year. However there have been lots to celebrate, I couldn’t sum up 2016 without mentioning something I am so incredibly proud of…yes yes I’m proud...

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From flab to abs.

I’m a walking cliche I know, but I’ve taken the bull by the horns and had my first personal training session today. I’m finally feeling a little less nauseous, however pain and suffering is starting to creep in. After letting the running slip, the booze and chocolate consumption take over it was fair to say the ol’ midriff was becoming a little more wibbly for my liking. I could no longer rely on the wonders of breastfeeding weight loss since I had stopped way back in May, the pounds were piling on fast, it was not a pretty sight...

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About me

I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.