Flabs to Abs – 4 months in, a journey to unearth the muscle.

Flabs to Abs – 4 months in, a journey to unearth the muscle.

OK so I thought I would write an update of where I am and what I have done to date, I am almost 4 months in and I have 4 months to get bikini ready as we are actually going on a holiday this year….to somewhere sunny….where small clothing will be required.

Suffice to say I do not want to be covering my wibbly bits up and feeling like a beached whale amongst all the golden goddesses (Golden goddess or sweaty beach sloth). I have had the dreaded beach holiday angst before and I have heartedly attempted to transform myself in the most unrealistic time frame. It’s like eating a salad for lunch and expecting to have lost a stone by tea time. That was what my previous outlook had been like.

But this is different, I am on a journey of self discovery – don’t worry I haven’t completely lost it, but what I have done is realised I can actually do this, I can change my body dramatically, I can push it further than I’ve ever pushed it before.

This last four months has seen me analyse my lifestyle, my food choices and my portion size and it’s made me realise how easy it is to slip into what you think are healthy eating habits but actually they aren’t. Make a home cooked meal – tick, lots of veggies – tick, load up your bowl high with pasta – erm, top with grated cheese – oh dear, result – gradual weight gain especially if you go back for seconds.

I’ve always loved my food, I never wanted to break that and become someone who see’s food as fuel as opposed to something to discover and enjoy. So first thing I needed to do was shift the balance and not over load my plate with carbs.

Food has shifted it’s focus from quantity to quality, I try to keep the carbs low but obviously still enjoying them and the protein and fruit/veggies high. At first on my rest days I was very low carb, switching spaghetti for courgetti, noodles to boodles, rice to cauliflower. On my active days I would allow myself a handful more of carbs throughout the day. What I found was I was less bloated, less sluggish. I felt satisfied rather than stuffed.

After making the effort with what I eat, I then looked at portion size, you don’t realise how easy it is to over eat.

Now the picture on the right was what I thought was a small bowl of Special K – already 30g over the recommended portion size – I know right, I mean that’s barely anything. I soon realised to curb my massive portions the only thing I could do was to start eating from the kids bowls and not even fill those bowls as that was still over eating. At first I thought I was going to starve – but thank goodness I quickly adapted otherwise I would be resorting to eating cotton wool or whatever the ‘supermodel’s’ do to stay full and skinny.

Now my stats have been slow and steady, less focus on weight loss but more on inches disappearing and man they have disappeared. It’s so easy to get fixated on whether you have lost a pound or two each week but what is more significant is the measurements from the tape measure.

Along with the weight and inch loss, I’ve started to tone and develop muscle where I’ve never had it before, my flarms are starting to become strong, the thunder thighs have streamlined massively with a 4 inch circumference lost, the hips don’t lie when a total of 6 inches have been lost. Sometimes the measurements don’t seem that much and it can almost feel quite disappointing when after a month only say 0.5 inch has been lost. But then I have to put it all into context and see the total amount that has been lost in such a short space of time.

So now there is a 4 month countdown, 4 months until I am on a beach hopefully in a bikini. As long as I maintain the hard work I feel I could get there. I try to make sure there is a balance in my life, that it’s not all just diet, water and exercise. I still enjoy weekly pizza with my boys on a Wednesday, instead of a piece of cake of my own I may split some with the boys – not denying myself of a treat now and again but no longer shovelling my face with as many chocolately crumbs as possible.

This isn’t a temporary diet, this is a lifestyle change, this is trying to become the best version of myself – enjoying life but also enjoying myself. Feeling confident in my strength and figure rather than critiquing every inch of squidge that I can’t seem to stuff into my spanx.

My start at Excel Training Studio has been such a positive one, one that is driving me to keep going and see what I can achieve. My increase in fitness and strength has seen me continue my efforts outside of the gym with the occasional workout at home or going for a run……or even after a childfree weekend of copious cocktails dragging my sorry hungover ass into the gym – did wish I had slept a further hour in to bed.

Let’s see if I actually unearth the abs and get into that bikini in 4 months time.

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