From flab to abs.

From flab to abs.

I’m a walking cliche I know, but I’ve taken the bull by the horns and had my first personal training session today. I’m finally feeling a little less nauseous, however pain and suffering is starting to creep in.


After letting the running slip, the booze and chocolate consumption take over it was fair to say the ol’ midriff was becoming a little more wibbly for my liking. I could no longer rely on the wonders of breastfeeding weight loss since I had stopped way back in May, the pounds were piling on fast, it was not a pretty sight when I saw myself in the mirror.

flab to abs

(Excuse the dust on the mirror – yet another thing to add to my list of things to do!)

Now I’m all for embracing real body images and not falling for the media hype of being flawless and having it all even after children – but for me, enough was enough! I hate ‘tucking’ my belly in, hate it even more when I feel it flob out over the top of my trousers. I would love to have the confidence to wear a fitted top as opposed to always drowning myself in baggy layers.

So I took the plunge, I booked in my first session with the fabulous Shona at Excel Training Studio and braced myself. Now my stats speak for themselves, I am 12 stone 11 *gasp – two and half stone heavier than when I was back in 2011 when I got married *sharp intake of breath, my heaviest before now being 11 and half stone so this in comparison is pretty shocking.


However what was surprising was the muscle mass I did have, now I know I’m no dainty waif like thing, I never have been, never will be, I envy those who don’t need to wear a bra, can wear cut out dresses and skimpy shorts and those with a thigh gap. I am built for stability not the cat walk, seeing this finally justified the thoughts that I could never be skinny so instead I will have to be strong.

That’s where Shona comes in, I know I don’t have the self discipline nor the know how on how to achieve this, I knew I would need the help, so here I am. I have started the first of 10 sessions gifted to me this Christmas (at my own suggestion to Father Christmas of course). I couldn’t be in better hands, not only is Shona a fantastic trainer, she is inspiring, positive and encouraging, I can’t help but rave about this woman – she is AMAZING.

So each session is 30 minutes long but the equivalent of an hours plus in the gym. You can train 1-2-1 or in small groups AND take kids along. To be honest there isn’t really an excuse not to go, this is where I had to stave off the excuses and just shift my ass into gear.


So here I am, at the start of my personal transformation, with so much to work for but with so much to gain, it’s fair to say that Shona certainly put me through my paces this morning with HIIT – power plate – boxing and TRX – all in 30 minutes!!


I’m not out to lose masses amounts of weight, I don’t want to be skinny, I want to better, fitter, strong – I want to get rid of this:


I don’t need no duvet covering those abs, I’m not planning on being ripped, I just don’t want my belly to shake when I run, I’m not planning on wearing cut off tops out in public but I would like to wear a bikini if I’m on holiday or feel good in a nice underwear set (I’m looking at you Foundations – I’ll be heading your way for some of your prettiest sets once this belly has been zapped). I just don’t want to tuck my belly in anymore, I don’t want to feel it sit on my thighs when I lean forward – I’ve just had enough – I don’t have an excuse, it is all my own doing.

So here’s the deal – I will share my progress, I will be a guinea pig, I will show you that anyone can do it – if you WANT change, you can do it and I can guarantee now that Shona at Excel Training Studio WILL help you achieve this.


I won’t be doing any fast fixes, I won’t be overhauling my diet – what I will be doing is upping my water, did you see my stats 44% water eek not good. I will not be starving myself, taking any supplements, taking meal replacement shakes. It will be portion control (when I say portion control I mean I won’t be consuming my own body weight in food which is the norm) lots of water AND getting my ass whooped into gear.

20161230_114957 20161230_114037 20161230_114420

*NB this is normal behaviour btw – we do smoothies in this house, only because it’s the best way of getting fruit into the eldest one so this ain’t anything special.

I look forward to sharing my progress and showcasing the effects of a great training relationship.

Here’s to Abs not flab!

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