Pudding & Chops: Where are we now?

Pudding & Chops: Where are we now?

Wow what a busy and exciting few couple of months it has been for Pudding and Chops. Having launched at the beginning of April, Laura and I have been on a mass learning experience as we have set up and promoted our lovely little business. We have spent hours negotiating, designing, setting up, wrapping, posting, cutting and photographing our cards, setting up shops and building websites. We have come such a long way since we pressed ‘post’ on our Facebook page just over three months ago.

So where are we now? Well after our initial orders came flying through our Facebook page, we soon realised we needed a ‘shop’. I mean not to brag but we had pretty much sold out of our first batch within days!! – we thought we had been a little over ambitious ordering so many for a first run, dreading the moment where we would have piles of stock lying around our houses and nothing to do with them, but how wrong were we? They went like hot cakes.


So we set up our first shop.

Our Facebook page quickly ticked over with like after like as did our Instagram, we were soon being sent or tagged in photos from our wonderful customers using our cards. It was real, not only were our cards being sold, they were being used – and what fabulous pictures we have on our collection.


We had a flurry of interest from some lovely bloggers who gave some lovely reviews on our cards.

The wonderful Georgie from Minis and more gave us our very first review

The fabulous Lisa over at Love of a captain featured us on her baby wishlist – with the gorgeous Hudson soon to be on his way, we had to send her some of our cards.

The lovely Faye from Glossytots wrote a lovely review of our cards, “The cards enrapture everything fun about being a run of the mill mum and not what I call ‘The perfect mum’

The gorgeous Lucy over at Hello Beautiful Bear “The alternative side of parenting, a far cry from the usual milestones and a more ‘honest’ and humorous take on the day-to-day life of babies/toddlers and motherhood.”

Pudding & Chops Alternative Milestone Cards

Another fab product review from the wonderful Jess from threemenadacrazylady . We have to hand it to Jess she has certainly worked through our cards – such a great mama

The hilarious story of Poo gate from Fi over at Beauty, Baby and Me, seriously go and have a read,


We were also shared by some fab pages on Facebook like Mums to Be and Babylists (if you need any form of baby list, these girls have it) and along the way we were spotted by some wonderful people who wanted stock our cards in their shops or online such as Pretty English in London and  Yes Bebe UK in Coventry or have us as part of their promoted product range such as the fab girls over at And So To Baby….


Featuring the gorgeous boys Oakley and Huxley from Tori @myoakleydoakley

…and representing the Irish side of Pudding and Chops are the fabulous lot over at BabyBloggers.ie

We have been so blessed by the fabulous support by our customers and those who have liked, shared and promoted us along the way. Our empire hasn’t quite stopped at Ebay, but instead we also have an Etsy store and we sell through Amazon as well.

It has all been so surprisingly wonderful, lots to do, lots to learn, but a fantastic experience to be a part of. For me, its the opportunity to create something memorable with the greatest of friends, because we are both learning together and because we both have our own individual skill sets we compliment each other, we give each a different view and guide each other. It’s been great having someone to share this incredible journey with and whilst we build up our product range and continue to learn, I hope this takes our business and friendship to great heights.

Keep a look out for our new products coming soon…..


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