What is the world coming to?

As I sit here and listen to the boring humdrum of the football on in the background I feel like I am losing another moment of my life that I will never get back, don’t worry this is not going to be a full on hating football related rant, I don’t hate the sport, I just don’t like it – but I am going to mention it seeing as the recent news coverage includes alot of the ridiculous mob like mentality that is following the Euro cup games. I am also going to mention a few other recent events that have really got my back up recently – things that makes me wonder “what is the world coming to?”

I know that all that is being covered or shared recently is nothing new, but when these sorts of stories surface I can’t help but wonder about the human race and why the hell we are the only species that acts so shamefully – obviously we are a predominant one so no other can actually compare but for a “superior” species, we are pretty mindless and can be pretty disgustingly horrible.

So number 1: The Riots in France over the Euro games.

WTAF! I mean it’s a game, a game between overpaid millionaires kicking around a bag of air whilst massaging their egos over who is the best, nothing that really warrants the barbaric like actions that come with the football hooliganism that we are witnessing at the moment. What on earth justifies the actions of those who purposefully wreck public and personal property, start fights, abuse others, sling racist remarks without a care in the world and basically tarnish a European competition?

What is possessing people to resort to such violence, threatening peoples lives and creating such havoc?

Two Russians attack an England fan


Organised Russian hooligans brandishing telescopic truncheons and wearing gum shields coordinated “savage coordinated attacks” on England supporters in Marseille, victims said as they returned home on Sunday.”

This whole scenario baffles me completely, why are people descending to such lows over a footbal game? Why are people descending to such lows in the first place? I can’t understand for a moment what is possessing these people to react in such a way.

So England and Russia could be disqualified if the violence continues – its sad that the teams themselves could potentially be punished for the mindless behaviour of others, it’s not the footballers fault that their supporters are so devolved that they can’t control their actions. But how in today’s world where we have so much knowledge at our fingertips, where we see so much violence and hurt and the impact that it has, where we are watching people desperately trying to escape torture and torment as they run away from their own home countries for safety in foreign lands, where we are so opened up to everything around us that some of us become so absorbed in mindless stupidity that we forget for a moment to be decent human beings.

So what else has been going on in the world of madness and mayhem?

Number 2:  The mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Another mind blowing moment of WTF! So it has been supposedly classed as an act of domestic terrorism. However it is classed there are a number of questions that run through my mind whenever I hear of such atrocities;

1. Why did it happen?

2. Why did these people deserve this? (who deserves it anyway?)

3. Why are the laws in America still allowing idiots access to firearms?

There is no need for people to have guns in the first place, “constitutional right” has meant unbalanced, mentally ill, disturbed, unhinged people people have the right to possess a weapon and no one blinks an eye until something devastating like this happens….and what are the consequences? Nothing, nothing changes – life carries on as always, people still have the right to their weapons. I literally hold my head in my hands and wonder “how have we gotten to this point?”. Where has common sense gone? Does anybody think of the consequences of their actions or are we just a “I want it now” society that just does what we want and doesn’t think of the after effects?

Shooting in Pulse, Orlando

Shooting in Pulse, Orlando

I can never understand the acts of terrorism that we have witnessed in the recent years, or at any point to be honest. Why do some groups of individuals think it’s ok to cause so much harm and so much devastattion and not think about how it’s going to make those around them feel?

So what else have I come across?

Number 3: Petition to close ASK FM.

So this image has popped up on my newsfeed this weekend, having heard of it previously I am surprised that yet another petition is calling for this site to close.


So what is ASK FM to those who don’t know?

“Ask.fm is an anonymous question and answer platform website used regularly by lots of young people in Ireland and around the world. It allows anyone to post anonymous comments and questions to a person’s profile and is increasingly being used as a means to communicate abusive, bullying and sexualised content.”

How are we living in a world where people think it’s ok to go to a site and post horrific things about other people? Things to horrific that the victims feel so abused, hated and shamed that they have ended.their.lives!!

The tormentors obviously know it is wrong otherwise they would be proudly showcasing their names for all to see, instead they hide behind the anonymity of it all and purposefully go out of their way to destrot people’s lives – why we do we live in such a world where this is acceptable? where sites such as this continue to run despite it being the reason that people have hurt themselves or even ended their lives.

I’m not preaching from a delusional utopia of perfection that I reside in, I am fully aware that sometimes my own actions can be questioned as I am far from perfect, but I do comtemplate the world we live in and think about what environment I am raising my boys in. I almost want to whip us all away to a deserted island and isolate them away from all this destructive chaos so they never get to experience any of this but I know that realistically that is not something I can do.

So instead I am going to work very hard to ensure that my boys are compassionate people who know and understand the difference between right and wrong and don’t feel the urge to follow a mindless crowd like blinded sheep – but to be able to make up their own minds, to be strong and know when to step away from idiotic scenarios, to have the strength and knowledge to know that other peoples words and actions shouldn’t shape them negatively but they can use them to become strong and understanding of people’s actions and know they are better people for not being lured into to the negative webs that people can spin and I just hope with all my heart that they are never in the wrong place at the wrong time – to be robbed from me because of the mindlessness of others.

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