What kind of mummy are you?

So tonight has seen the rounds of “which type of mummy are you?” as this post below has been shared. Hits the nail on the head, I can name a mummy that satisfies each category.


But as I sit here with two children asleep upstairs *god help if I’ve just jinxed that. I think about what kind of mummy I am.

I think it’s fair to say I’m the mummy doing her best, yes I may be the one who Googles…not so much anymore but I did Google the symptoms, alternative treatments and trawl through various forums to find as much advice, hints and tips for whatever we are experiencing at that moment, now it’s a case of “let’s give it a bash ourselves before researching to the hilt”

I may be the one who will offer up some friendly advice – hopefully only when asked of course. The ones who profess that their child has the worst possible form of whatever your child is going through can seriously do my head in, not the first time upon hearing it as I am caring and sympathetic but hearing it again and again and seeing other poor mum’s dragged into it can really get my goat ….yeah I get it you’re having a hard time, but aren’t we all! We just have other things to talk about as well.

I’m also the one who will embrace many a form of parenting, I wear my baby in a sling/carrier….


I will co-sleep with my babies *does that make me a little hippyish? but I will also bung them in a pushchair, put them to bed in a cot, feed them purèed foods or even give them chocolate *gasp. I do what works for me. I would love to be able to sit and prepare fresh, organic baby friendly meals but to be honest I haven’t always got the time so they will sometimes get sausage with cheesy beans on toast. 1 portion of your 5 a day right there!

I could boast that my eldest will sit and eat watermelon, mango, pineapple etc *he does at nursery, little bugger. But he won’t at home so he will have a fruit pouch, at least I know he is getting fruit. Although I do make some yummy fruit and veg smoothies which he is partial to.


I can’t proclaim that my children never watch TV and only do interactive sensory activities despite all the research that’s says TV rots their brain. When my eldest was little and I expressed exclusively for him, the only way to keep him entertained for long enough in the jumperoo whilst I went through the process of milking was to stick baby TV on *shoots self in head. Fortunately he went through a very long period of time after that where he wasn’t interested in the TV at all, unless it was chewing the remote. It is only now at two years old he is addicted to Frozen….as is his 5 month old baby brother.


I am definitely one of those pinteresting mum’s who spends the time whilst breastfeeding pinning a multitude of ideas whether it be for a party, bedroom design or natural play garden activities. I am by no means a pinterest perfect mummy but I give it a damn good go to try and create something amazing for my children, especially when it comes to birthdays….I like baking and whipping up some crafty delights so why not? it’s a part of who I am, with or without children so I am not apologising for making a fuss when I can.


I am definitely the blogger mummy, no escaping that one, but why am I blogging? To be honest I am doing something that’s for me. Whilst I sit with a boob limpet suckling away there are few things I can do with my time. If I’ve run out of series to watch (or the ipad is out of reach) or I’ve exhausted trawling through Facebook and reading the posts from the “over sharers”, I’ve paid all the bills, answered all the emails, done the internet shopping then I go to doing what I can with the limited use of my limbs and I write a blog. Is this my way of documenting my life with the boys as I don’t have time to scrapbook every moment? Is this something for me to escape to when I’m being “just mum”? Whatever I’m doing, at the moment I’m enjoying it. It’s allowing me to use what little brain power I have and if it makes someone smile along the way, then that’s an added bonus.

Am I the mummy soul mate one? I don’t know. I would like to think I am to someone, I hope I am to someone, but if I’m entirely honest I’ve always felt a little out of place, never really feeling like I belong, but I plod along quite happily hoping to one day find my place in the world. I am fortunate I have a lovely circle of wonderful friends who I feel I can offload onto, laugh with, go out WITHOUT children with…I mean OUT out and without them days would be very glum indeed but am I anyone’s mummy soul mate?? Who knows?!?!

So all in all what kind of mummy am I? I’m “Grayson and Myles’ mummy”, not really give a shit what label I have, I gave up caring a long time ago. As long as I’m doing all I can and my boys are happy I’m being the best mummy I can be.


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