Tweet tweet wtf do I do??

So starting this whole blogging thing was out of the blue….it started with a few lengthy posts on my local mum’s chums face book group where I shared and highlighted the shits and giggles of life with two boys. Then a few mum’s kept on saying I should start a blog…well I hadn’t got the first clue on this whole blogging nonsense and to be honest I’m still in the dark about the whole thing, I literally pour the contents of my baby brainwashed thoughts into my phone and hey presto….drivel!!!

Then I had the fanciful notion of linking it to the world of twitter….well if I didn’t have a clue about blogging, I am screwed if quizzed about my tweeting activity. Don’t. Have.a.clue….should I have hashtagged that?? That’s one thing? What the hell do I #?? Is it every thought associated with another thought? Is it a weird word association game?

I get confused when I see people post a picture and then have a billion hash tags after it #sunset #sunsea&cocktails #sandinmytoes #livinglife #thedream #youonlyliveonce #beachlife #sandinmycrotch #sexonthebeach #wtf #acrabpinchedmyass.

I don’t get it!!I try and put hashtags with my updates but I feel like a fraud as I don’t know what they mean….where do they go? Is it a form of finding people who have the same hashtagging thoughts as you? Is there a special place you all go and have hashtagging conversations?

Then there is the tweet….I am renowned for blabbering on and taking a while to get to the point so having a limit has really stumped me. Am I supposed to put some witty snapshot of an anecdote? well I will on fail on both accounts, I struggle to get to the point and I am far from witty. I like to think people laugh with me but I think they just laugh at me  and then think “poor woman hasn’t got a clue”, well they would be right.

I apologise in advance to all you pro bloggers and master tweeters, I might stumble across the rule book somewhere or some kind soul may try to educate me but until then #peaceout #timeforabrew #andawee #ohshitthebabyisawake #groan.

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  1. kerryann

    Perfect! Just perfect, lol! Hashtag, linky, twitter party…WHAT!?!! Thanks for the laugh, great post ##. Take care, K-A


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